First Class Hospitality at Sea

Come aboard and enrich your hotel brand with your fleet of floating hotel rooms in the world’s largest pool.


Off to new shores!

EuroYachting combines upscale hotel business and yacht charter. This product rethinks the following issues in tourism:

Guest retention

How can I increase my share of (regular) guests and re-introduce them back into my ecosystem?

Competitive Advantage by Differntiation

How can my hotel stay innovative and create new offers without investing huge sums in infrastructure development?

Lack of Staff

How can enthusiasm for tourism be created, especially among the younger generation?

What are Floating Hotel Rooms?

The Experience

  • Dream Yachts in your Corporate Design

    EuroYachting cooperates with reliable yacht partners who are characterized by many years of experience, passion and competence. The highest quality yachts from renowned shipyards are adapted to the corporate design of your hotel brand to ensure a consistent value transfer and to promote brand awareness and brand image. The same applies to the equipment on board.

  • Professional Crew

    A German-speaking skipper takes care of the best berths during the trip and is responsible for the safety of the boat and the passengers. In addition, there is a service team (of your hotel) on board, that exclusively takes care of the well-being of the guests: With cuisine, service and varied animation, the perfect mix of relaxation and entertainment is provided.

  • Adventure – Freedom – Nature

    A yacht vacation is characterized by adventure and freedom, as each day is organized according to the guests’ personal ideas. In addition, many guests long to be close to nature, another factor that sailing in the Mediterranean can best fulfill.

  • Unique Activites

    During the sailing trip a wide range of carefully selected activities awaits your guests, organized by the skipper according to individual wishes. This guarantees a high degree of freedom and flexibility on water and land.

  • Culinary Highlights

    EuroYachting combines the enjoyment of freshly prepared gourmet dishes with the unique experience of dining. Depending on the hotel brand, we adapt the culinary program to your target group. An excerpt from this list: Guest chefs on board, shopping together with the chef/cook at the market, visiting local specialty restaurants, wine tastings, cooking classes ashore,…

  • Authentic Experiences

    A well-developed network of local crew members enables the organization of special experiences as well as the discovery of hidden gems, far away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Your guests will get to know Croatia genuinely, experiencing moments that will remain long in the memory and linked to your brand.

Interested in chartering?

Besides floating hotel rooms, EuroYachting is also your professional partner for your next sailing trip! Browse through our various sailboats, catamarans as well as motor yachts, we will be happy to advise you!

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Erlebe den Zauber des Segelns mit deinen Liebsten auf der Lagoon 50. ⛵
Schaffe Erinnerungen, die ewig bleiben!
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Wir würden uns immer wieder für das Segeln, die Kraft des Windes und die Weite des Meeres entscheiden 💙🐬🌊
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Wir können es kaum erwarten, den Wind und das Wasser wieder zu fühlen 💙
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Holt euch euren Traumurlaub auf hoher See – jetzt buchen!
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☀️ Die Karibik ist es einfach traumhaft, da sind wir uns alle einig. Aber die vielen Inseln ️ machen die Wahl der Route so schwierig! 
Wir haben eine Beispielroute für dich, die eine tolle Mischung aus Stadt und Natur bietet. Wenn du mehr Zeit hast, kannst du noch weitere großartige Ziele wie Mexiko 🇲🇽, Kolumbien 🇨🇴, die Dominikanische Republik 🇩🇴 oder Jamaika 🇯🇲 entdecken.
Kontaktiere uns für deinen Yachtcharter in der Karibik! ⛵
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Wir waren letztes Wochenende auf der in München – Bayerns größter Messe rund um #Reisen, #Freizeit und #Erholung. Dabei haben wir uns einiges an #Inspiration für neue Destinationen, Aktivitäten und Touren geholt, denn jetzt ist genau der richtige Zeitpunkt, um deinen Sommerurlaub zu planen 🤓 Neugierig geworden? Kontaktiere uns! 📧 📱+43 676 413 07 12 #freemuenchen2024 #yachtlife #charter #yachtvacation #yachtcharter #yachturlaub#yachtlover #sailinglovers
If you know, you know ;-)
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Wir präsentieren: die Monte Carlo 5 🛥️
- Ideal für Charter mit der Familie oder Freunden
- 3 Doppelkabinen und 1 Einzelkabine bieten Platz für bis zu 7 Personen
- 2 Badezimmer
- Klimaanlage, Generator und elektrische Toiletten runden die tolle Yachtausstattung ab!
🌊☀️ Hast du Lust zu verreisen? Schreib uns!
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