Greece’s sailing area will not disappoint you! The extensive sailing area is diverse – beautiful beaches, pristine bays, and crystal clear waters that invite you to snorkel and relax can be found everywhere.

Of particular note are the ancient ruins and medieval buildings that can be explored on a yacht charter in Greece. The numerous small islands, charming bays, long sandy beaches, and thousands of kilometers of coastline make Greece an attractive destination for a sailing trip – whether you are sailing a sporty monohull, a spacious catamaran, or a luxurious motor yacht.

Greece is considered the birthplace of antiquity – which is also reflected in the multitude of archaeological sites, such as the Acropolis or the Oracle of Delphi.

hot climate

Varied sailing area

Best time to travel: April to October

Biodiversity and good winds


The beautiful Sporades are located in the northwestern Aegean Sea between the island of Evia and Mount Pelion on the mainland. There are 24 islands in total, but only Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros are permanently inhabited.

It is one of the lesser-known and little-visited archipelagos in the Mediterranean, although it is blessed with magnificent nature. Fragrant pine hills stretch down to the sea, where beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches and refreshing waters invite you to relax and swim. It is also home to the largest marine protected area in the Mediterranean, covering 2250 square kilometers in the Aegean Sea, with an incomparable diversity of flora, fauna, and aquatic life.

The Sporades are also a very good entry area for novice charterers, as they are protected from the strong Meltemi wind that blows in the rest of the Aegean during the summer.

The choice for sun worshippers & sailors


The Dodecanese Island complex is located in the southeastern Aegean Sea and consists of 14 main islands. The Dodecanese islands are the most remote group of islands in Greece and are characterized by tradition, hospitality, and a relaxed lifestyle. The history of the islands has left a legacy of significant and diverse archaeological sites, impressive Byzantine churches, and medieval castles that make each island unique.

The Dodecanese Island complex is a true sailing paradise and due to its mild climate, it is an ideal destination for a successful sailing trip all year round.

 Smooth Sailing

The Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea begins at the southern “boot tip” of Italy and extends to the coast of mainland Greece. It is bordered to the north by the Adriatic Sea, to the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea (Sicily), and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea. The famous Ionian Islands are located along the Albanian coast of the Peloponnese.

The Ionian Islands have a typical Mediterranean climate – hot, dry summers (average temperature 30 degrees Celsius) with little rainfall from June to September. We recommend the period between May and the beginning of October as the best time for a sailing vacation.

The Ionian Islands are perfect for sailors who like it rather calmly and gentle, as the wind situation is mostly relaxed. Many also choose the Ionian Islands because of the famous island of Corfu on the border with Albania.

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